The Spirit of Construction Foundation supports outreach initiatives that seek to engage young people in construction careers. Over the past 5 years (in addition to scholarship funding), the SOC Foundation has contributed over $760,000 towards outreach and $1.2 Million since its founding. The initiatives have a construction component to them and are geared for the most part towards middle school and high school youth. 


Tim Beischel, SOC Outreach Ambassador, brings our efforts full circle by helping the grant-funded programs meet their needs as well as engaging the construction Industry. 


Each year, The Spirit of Construction Foundation awards grants to a number of deserving organizations that focus on construction education. 

2019 grant recipients:

soc video pbs.JPG

Take a look at this video of young construction professional with an inspiring story.


John Strawser, one of our board members, had the opportunity to meet Ne’Onnie Napier through the Spirit’s Outreach initiatives. This is the kind of success that our Foundation helps make possible.   

Dear Mr. Burson,

I would like to thank you for accepting my application into your architecture camp. I very much enjoyed the program. It helped me learn many skills I believe will help me become an architect later on in life. I just thought you should know that you have made architecture the most fun thing in the world for me, and changed my opinion on how I see architecture for the better. Thank you for helping me get closer to my dream of becoming an architect, and I hope to see you next summer at camp.



West Hills Middle School

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