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Spirit of Construction Grant Funding

PO Box 14238, Cincinnati, OH 45250


2024 Community Grants

Please Note: Only online applications will be accepted for 2024. 

Call or email Anthony Brunsman at / 513.382.4315 with any questions. 


The Spirit of Construction Outreach Committee is accepting only electronically filed applications for their 2024 grant funding. The maximum amount of grants allocated each year will not exceed an amount approved by the Spirit of Construction Board of Directors. 

All applications must be completed and submitted no later than February 16, 2024. Applicants may apply by completing the form below and attaching all proper documents. 

Submit prior to the deadline in order to ensure the application was received.

Spirit of Construction Outreach Committee Mission Statement

“Enhance the Spirit of Construction’s presence in the Greater Cincinnati region by supporting the community,
organizations and citizens in construction industry related personal and professional growth and enrichment through the sponsorship and support of significant initiatives, with special emphasis on those which promote the industry to our youth.”

Upload Proof Of Organization Type
Upload Letters of Recommendation (Combined)
Upload Annual Report/Board Members List
Upload Grant Proposal

Thanks for submitting!


The Grant Application should speak to the following metrics where appropriate:

  • Focused age group

  • # of Children and Young Adults Served

  • # of Construction Trades involved

  • Types of Construction Trades involved

  • # of Volunteers involved

  • Program Duration

  • Brief program summary

  • Community engagement

  • Business partners involved

  • Other funding sources


Applicants must engage young people in hands-on activities as a requirement. Engagement of middle school children is encouraged. Grant Recipients will be meeting with the Spirit of Construction Outreach Committee to ensure a sharing of knowledge, resources, identify synergies, discuss measurement criteria and provide any support to help their program become a success. The meeting is scheduled for June 5. Grant Recipients will be required to report on the appropriate project metrics in a final report due October 2 - October 11.

Please attach additional sheets detailing your grant proposal. See below for details. 


Answer the following questions in the order presented here. Please limit the length of your grant request to no more than 3 pages.

  • Rationale and Context

    • Please describe in detail what you hope to accomplish in receiving this grant and the expected return on investment to the construction industry provided by your organization.

  • Design and Activities

    • Please describe the proposed project activities in detail. Include the following information: Timetable for completion.

    • Describe your organization’s capacity to implement and administer proposed activities. Describe the status of the work and accomplishments to date, if applicable.

  • Summary

    • In one paragraph, please tell us why your organization is worthy of this grant. Articulate your passion for the organization.

Letters of Recommendation

Please attach at least one but no more than 3 Letters of Recommendation from construction industry professionals who advocate your program or project.

Annual Report

Please attach one copy of your organization’s most recent annual report and a listing of your board members to each copy of your application.


December 13th, 2023

  • SOC Board Meeting: Reviewed 2023 Executive Summary and approved budget of $100,000 for 2024. 


January 3rd, 2024– February 16th, 2024

  • Grant Guidelines and Applications are available on-line at the Spirit of Construction website.  To be eligible, application must be submitted no later than February 16th, 2024 and must be filed electronically.

February 19th, 2024 – March 4th, 2024

  • Grant applications will be reviewed by each committee member to familiarize themselves with each applicant. 


March 6th, 2024 – March 17th, 2024

  • Grant committee will meet as a group, evaluate the applicants, and rank candidates developing a shortlist.  As necessary, interviews will be scheduled with applicants to obtain any further information necessary to make our decision.


March 18th, 2024 – March 29th, 2024

  • Interviews held as necessary and final recommendations submitted to the Outreach Committee no later than March 29th, 2024.


April 3rd, 2024 – April 15th, 2024

  • Outreach Committee approval of the Grant Review Committee recommendations.  These will be submitted to the Spirit Board for approval (electronically) with notification to the recipients no later than April 15th, 2024.


May 8th, 2024

  • Introductions and presentation of checks to Grant Recipients at the SOC Spring Fling.

June 5th, 2024

  • Outreach Committee to meet with all Grant Recipients (SOC Outreach Collaborative Meeting) to ensure a sharing of knowledge, resources, identify synergies, discuss measurement criteria and provide any support to help their program to become a success. 


July 8th, 2024 – July 31st, 2024

  • Outreach Committee members to follow up with all Grant Recipients to see where they are and provide any support they may need for their programs and discuss final reporting.


October 2nd, 2024 – October 11th, 2024

  • Final reports are due from Grant Recipients. Outreach Committee to meet with all Grant Recipients for final wrap-up meeting of their programs. 


To qualify (or not qualify) for Spirit of Construction grant funding through the Outreach Committee, the organization must be:


  • Community-based 501( c ) (3) or other proof on non-profit status.

  • Qualified educational institutions and organizations that reflect the Spirit of Construction values and focus their efforts in a positive way.

  • Controversial organizations or one that requires significant transfer of local funds to national or international parent organizations will not be considered.

  • Applicants must engage youth and young adults in hands-on activities as a requirement.


Funding priorities include:

  • Construction Education (not intended for scholarship purposes)

    • Supports students or construction related programs at the following institutions of higher learning:

      • Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

      • Northern Kentucky University

      • University of Cincinnati

      • Trade and vocational programs in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana will also be considered


  • Workforce Development

    • Programs or projects advocating the construction industry as the favorable career option to middle school, secondary school, and vocational/technical school students in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Southeastern Indiana regions.  All grant requests are evaluated on merit.


  • Local Interest Projects

    • Organizations either directly or indirectly affiliated within the construction industry that has projects that enhance our city, create educational opportunities or other activities that advocate our mission will be considered.


In addition to the annual grants that are awarded by the Outreach Committee, special grant requests will also be considered for recommendation to the Spirit of Construction Board for approval.  These grant requests are not intended to be limited in dollar amount, and are subject to the approval of the Spirit of Construction board, as well as funds that are available within the organization to support such requests.  An example of a special grant request would be the funding that has been provided in the past for our Construction Advocate/Middle School Construction Careers Outreach Program.

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