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Teaching kids about career possibilities



            The Construction Career Advocacy Program (CCAP), a workforce development model, unites students, educators, and the construction industry.

            CCAP is an initiative spearheaded by the Spirit of Construction Foundation in association with Allied Construction Industries to find new, innovative ways to connect young people to the construction industry through applied learning programs. 


            CCAP offers two programs: MACkit and Professional Development opportunities. Math Applied in Construction or “MACkit” connects school-based lessons to careers in the construction industry by engaging students in hands-on projects that use their lessons to develop real-world skills. Secondly, CCAP offers professional development opportunities that are designed to prepare educational institutions to partner with construction-industry employers and prepare construction-industry employers to engage with students in classroom settings.  

            To-date, CCAP has served 4,000 students from more than 30 Cincinnati area schools.

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