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2023 Celebration of Construction Gala Chair


Todd Elliott.jpg

Todd Elliott

The Nelson Stark Company

The Annual
Celebration of Construction Gala

Each Fall, the Spirit of Construction Foundation hosts a black-tie dinner and gala event that celebrates the "noble industry" and honors a number of individuals, including scholarship winners, posthumous honorees, and Lifetime Career Achievement Honorees.


The Celebration of Construction Gala celebrates the construction industry and recognizes individuals for their lifetime contributions to the industry and to the civic, aesthetic, and economic well-being of the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Celebration of Construction

2023 Gala

Big Impact! Sponsors

Archiable Electric

Bray Construction

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden


5/3 Bank

Jurgensen Companies

Messer Construction

Nelson Stark

O’Rourke Wrecking

Peck Hannaford & Briggs Company

Prus Construction

Grote Enterprises / Thomas J. Dyer Company

TP Mechanical

Turner Construction

University of Cincinnati College of Engineering

Valley Interiors


Watson Gravel

Greg Herrin – Messer Construction Company
Ron Watson – Watson Gravel


John Hemmer – John M. Hemmer Construction Co.


Saturday, October 28, 2023

5:30 p.m. reception and silent auction

7:15 p.m. dinner

After-party with The Sly Band (11-piece party band)

Duke Energy Convention Center
525 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

black tie optional*

Regarding any event or reservation questions,

contact Tony Brunsman (513) 382-4315 or

Send reservation payments to:
SOC, PO Box 14239, Cincinnati OH 45250

Congratulations to the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Honorees:

Fleet Fangman
Megen Construction

Posthumously awarded to

Thomas D. Grote, Sr.

Accepted by Thomas Grote, Jr.

Robert A. Grace

Turner Construction

Posthumously awarded to

Nicholas Zimmerman

Accepted by Mark Zimmerman

2022 Honorees 

Fleet Fangman, Megen Construction; Robert Grace, Turner Construction; Thomas D. Grote, Sr., Posthumous, Grote Enterprises; Nicholas Zimmerman, Posthumous, Schrudde & Zimmerman

The 2022 Gala and the efforts of The Spirit of Construction Foundation have been recognized in the Movers & Makers December '22/January '23  issue. Thank you for your support as we continue our mission to give back to the community.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

2022 Winners

Fleet P. Fangman

Robert A. Grace

Thomas D. Grote, Sr., Posthumous

Nicholas B. Zimmerman, Posthumous


2021 Winners 

Albert C. Smitherman

Marcus Taulbee

2019 Winners 

James G. Briggs, Jr.

Joseph M. Prus

Phillip J. Neumann

Bernard P. Suer

2018 Winners 

George C. Webb 

Dale S. White, Sr.

Raymond L. Evers, Posthumous

Joseph F. Mirlisena, Posthumous


2017 Winners 

Timothy Beischel 

Howard A. Mayers 

Evans N. Nwankwo 

Robert J. Henderson, Posthumous


2016 Winners 

William John “Jack” Albrecht 

Tonya M. Beesley 

B.G. Danis, Posthumous

Raymond Viox, Posthumous

William Teepe, Posthumous


2015 Winners 

William J. Harmeyer 

Lawrence H. Schumacher 

Thomas J. Wiesman 

James E. Imbus, Posthumous

Raymond J. Prus, Jr., Posthumous


2014 Winners 

Richard P. Homan 

Thomas M. Keckeis 

William H. Krul, II

Jim Perin, Posthumous


2013 Winners 

Wendell R. Bell 

August B. Bruewer 

Fred J. Mccoy 

Joseph Bayer, Posthumous


2012 Winners 

Richard F. Kohls

Patrick J. Mclaughlin, Jr. 

Michael J. Schneider 

Edward Hagins, Posthumous


2011 Winners 

Kathleen C. Daly

Greg F. Moratschek

Robert Jackson “Jack” Scott III 

Arthur C. Avril, Posthumous


2010 Winners 

E. Grant Hesser

Harry R. Hoerr 

Raymond R. Huseman 

Patrick  O'Rourke, Posthumous


2009 Winners 

Garfield W. Hartman 

Thomas H. Humes 

James W. Ludwig 

William (Bill) Besl, Posthumous

2008 Winners 

Dennis Denier

Elda Marshall

George “Dewey” Newport 

Thomas L. Neyer, Sr. 

Joseph Glassmeyer, Posthumous

2007 Winners 

Daniel L. Baker 

Peter S. Strange 

R.J. Beischel, Posthumous
Allen Paul, Posthumous


2006 Winners 

William Cargile III

David Swedes

Jack Wieland

Alan Wolf 


2005 Winners 

Michael Mangeot 

Jerome (Jay) Meyers, Jr. 

Matth Toebben 


2004 Winners 

Wayne Carlisle 

Lawrence A. Keckeis 

W. R. Manteuffel 


2003 Winners 

Robert Jay Buchert

 Joseph V. Frey Jr. 

Schuyler John Smith 


2002 Winners 

Carl Bimel Jr. 

Robert W. Dorsey 

Larry P. Rayburn 


2001 Winners 

Eugene J. Imbus Jr. 

Howard L. Knauf 

Michael Kocheck 

Joseph W. Schwarz 


2000 Winners 

Neil K. Bortz

James P. Jurgensen 

Jerry L. Lindsey 

Frank G. Moratschek 


1999 Winners 

William R. Geiler Jr. 

Paul W. Hemmer Sr. 

William R. Ryan

J. William Strawser 


1998 Winners 

Thomas A. Buzek 

Raymond A. Neyer 

John F. Steele 


1997 Winners

Robert Griffin Carlisle 

Ralph Drees

Francis R. Dugan 

James J. Neumann 


1996 Winners

Alfred C. Berndsen 

Orville Brown 

Howard Denier 

Richard Goettle 

Victor Smith 

Alan Zaring III

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