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Past & Present Philanthropic Projects

Each year, The Spirit of Construction Foundation awards grants to a number of deserving organizations that focus on construction education. Here are this years' and previous years' grant recipients.


• Construction Advocate Program
The Spirit is providing continued funding for a construction advocate, Ann Mitchell. The advocate supports efforts to engage middle school students, encouraging them to stay in school, succeed in math, science, and language classes, and consider all options available with a career in construction.

Ms. Mitchell engages students through summer camps and construction clubs—a free 8-week after-school program run by local volunteers to introduce students to various aspects of construction. The curriculum includes sessions on site plans, concrete, carpentry, masonry, drywall, electric, plumbing, and painting. Local contractors come to the school each week to teach children their specialties.

•  Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati • 

AFC’s purpose is to help people discover – and experience – the transformative power of design.

•  Construction Career Days • 
The mission of this annual 2 day event is to improve the image of the construction industry in the eyes of today's high school students and plant the seeds for tomorrow's skilled workforce. The Spirit’s grant will once again fund this event designed to engage and excite participating students about careers in construction. It puts students in the seats of heavy equipment and in front of engineering software, and introduces them to various trade opportunities.

•   Butler County Educational Service Center • 
Butler County Educational Service Center serves as the central educational and service resource for schools, government agencies, families, community and children ages birth-22 with the long term goal of transitioning to higher education. SOC funding will support new Construction Summer Camp programs for sixth and seventh grade students that will serve as a catalyst for engaging students who may be interested in construction-based or STEM-related education in future years. With cooperation with Home Depot, BCESC will be providing a week long camp which will afford students the experiential learning environment at a local Home Depot store to help them understand how their traditional educational lessons align with the construction field.

Northern KY Community Action Commission Youth Build • 
NKCAC was established through the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and is charged with providing low income individuals with knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to achieve self-reliance. The SOC funding will support YouthBuild of Northern Kentucky which is a workforce development program targeted at unemployed young people between the ages of 16-24. This program will provide academic education, training in carpentry and construction skills, leadership development, and employment assistance.

•  Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America • 
The Dan Beard Council is the local administrative body of the Boy Scouts of America and has a long history of providing life-changing programs to the young men of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The grant from the Spirit will support the merit badge program at Camp Friedlander which relate to skill trades. Additionally, the SOC funding will enable the Council to expand their Exploring programs which are dedicated to the Skilled Trades and Construction Management. This outreach program will offer a camp experience and career education to young adults ages 14 to 20 years old.

•  Rosie’s Girls/YWCA • 
This program, sponsored by the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, highlights their commitment to helping open nontraditional doors for girls and women. As in years past, SOC funding will support a 3 week hands-on summer day camp for 24 adolescent-aged girls. The camp is designed to build self-esteem, physical confidence, interpersonal skills, and leadership, while learning basic skills in carpentry and other technical construction trades.

•  Warren County Educational Service Center

The Warren County Educational Service Center believes that education is a cooperative process that involves administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community in promoting excellent educational programs through a constant cycle of diagnosis of need, implementation and evaluation.


At its April meeting, The Spirit of Construction (SOC) Foundation board of directors awarded the total funding for 2013 in the amount of $121,000 to the following grant recipients:

  • Betts House
  • Butler Tech - Northwest Construction Tech / Management
  • Construction AdvocateConstruction
  • Career Days
  • YWCA of Greater Cincinnati - Rosie's Girls


At its April meeting, The Spirit of Construction (SOC) Foundation board of directors awarded total funding for 2012 in the amount of $110,000 to the following grant recipients:
  • Ace Mentor Program - Cincinnati
  • Betts House
  • Butler Tech - Northwest Construction Tech / Management
  • Construction Advocate
  • Construction Career Days
  • Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Rosie's Girls / YWCA


Spirit of Construction Foundation provides funding for a Construction Advocate (Anne Mitchell) who works with middle school students to encourage careers in construction. Anne kept a journal during a summer of 2011 playhouse build that middle school students undertook and completed. The playhouse was auctioned off at the Spirit’s 2011 Gala.


Funding and support continued towards the Spirit's $160,000 Construction Advocate program. Partial scholarship funding supported students at the following institutions of higher learning: Cincinnati State Technical & Community College, Northern Kentucky University, and University of Cincinnati. Rosie's Girls received funding of $10,000 in support of their camp for adolescent girls who are taught skilled trades as way of building confidence, self-esteem, and leadership.


$160,000 grant to pilot the Construction Advocate program. The purpose of the program is to begin the development of a "workforce pipeline” by targeting middle school students and their parents and marketing the construction industry as a favorable career option for diverse candidates.


$50,000 donated as a matching grant toward minority and women scholarships at the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science.


$4,000 awarded to college scholars studying towards completion of construction related degrees.


Donated $2500 to the Associated Schools of Construction for the annual conference held in Cincinnati.

2003 & 2004

Donated $2500 to the CWDC career day event. Awarded two $1000 scholarships to students at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Applied Science in 2003 and awarded four $1000 scholarships in 2004. 2004, 2005 Provided funding of $1500 each year to the Betts House Research Foundation in Cincinnati to support programs to attract inner-city youths to the building trades.


Pledged $2500 in a collaborative venture with the Cincinnati Chapter of the AIA to fund a project to provide for the Beautification of Downtown Cincinnati. 2001, 2000 & 1999 Provided funding of $1000 each year to the Betts House Research Foundation in Cincinnati to support programs to attract inner-city youths to the building trades.

2000 & 1999

Funded students in the University of Cincinnati Dept. of Construction Sciences to participate in both regional and national construction management and design/build competitions. Total of $2500 provided; the students received several regional and national awards. 2000 Provided $700 to partially fund a Seminar linking the Design and Construction aspects of a project, in collaboration with the Cincinnati AIA Chapter. 2000 Donated $2000 towards the funding of the Robert W. Dorsey Endowed Scholarship (retired Chair of the U.C. Dept. of Construction Science and one of the Spirit of Construction founding members) which provides for scholarships for students in the University of Cincinnati's Dept. of Construction Science.


Sponsored and organized the $300,000 fund drive for the Construction Exhibit in the Children's Museum at the Cincinnati Museum Center. (Companies made pledges directly to the Museum Center and the Museum staff did the follow-up.)

Encouraging growth, education and community enhancement projects, the Spirit of Construction Foundation is a friend to many local organizations.